Jul 16, 2019

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Information Compiled by: Kathy Linscott, NACM Commercial Services
Content from Experian and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Companies often keep sensitive personal information about customers or employees in their files or on their network. In today’s world, there is more and more fraud reported all the time. We all hold the responsibility of keeping this information safeguarded. I am sure you have heard the saying, “if you collect it, protect it!” Some rules to follow:

  • Have strong privacy policies in place. Review them at least annually.
  • Keep on top of updates for the latest security software, web browser, and operating system to help against viruses and malware. Consider utilizing layers such as a firewall and spam filters.
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Jul 16, 2019

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Recipient Name
Ashlee Minty, CBA, CCRA — Northwest Natural Gas
Debbie Hinseley — Stainless Cable & Railing
Jeff Butterfield — Pacific Seafood
Jody Johnson — Star Rentals Inc
Lannette Dodson — CO-Energy / Connell Oil
Maria Hoyle, CBA, CICP — Weir ESCO
Tammy Roebke — Norpac Foods Inc
Matthew Wright — SAIF Corporation

Check out the conference website for more details on the conference.

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Jul 16, 2019

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NACM Commercial Services wants to congratulate Brett Hanft, CBA on his new position as CFDD National Chairman. Brett puts in an incredible amount of his time into CFDD and NACM and we want to recognize him for that. We asked one of Bretts many friends, Tawnya Marsh, who has spent a lot of time with Brett at CFDD Portland & NACM event to write a little something about him. Brett is also an incredible writer and no one is better to tell you more about what he has done and will be doing than him.

By Tawnya Marsh, Credit Manager, Pendleton Woolen Mills

When I moved to the Portland area 12 years ago, one of my first contacts at CFDD was Brett Hanft, CBA.… Read the rest

Jul 16, 2019

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The 2019 National Credit Conference this year was held in Colorado at the Gaylord Rockies. Below are a few photos from the event. Mark your calendars for the conference next year in Las Vegas from June 14 – 17, 2020.

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May 16, 2019

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By: Scott Blakeley, Esq., Blakeley LLP

Credit teams throughout the US continue to deal with the dramatic increase of customers in the B2B space using credit cards to pay invoices. But the dramatic increase in card use for B2B payments is not limited to domestic customers. Canada has seen a comparable jump in the number of customers using credit cards to pay their Canadian suppliers. Suppliers distributing their product or service through a subsidiary in Canada are evaluating ways to limit card acceptance costs. All Canadian Provinces have just approved a class action settlement between retailers and Visa and Mastercard that allow for Canadian suppliers to surcharge their credit card paying customers. In light of the Provinces’ approval, what does it mean to the credit team and their Canadian customers?… Read the rest

May 16, 2019

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For Immediate Release – NACM Commercial Services and San Diego Wholesale Credit Association (NACM San Diego/NACM Colorado/Pacific Southwest Credit Association – NACM New Mexico) Announce Combination of Operations

Combined organization establishes largest regional NACM Affiliate with focus on driving innovation, delivery of credit management tools and serving as a premier educational resource for business credit professionals.

Portland, OR and San Diego, CA (May 15, 2019) – With a keen eye on the future, NACM Commercial Services and San Diego Wholesale Credit Association (NACM San Diego/Colorado/New Mexico) have combined their strengths and expertise creating one of the largest affiliates in the NACM (National Association of Credit Management) network.  The acquisition was completed and became effective on Thursday, May 9, 2019.… Read the rest

May 16, 2019

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– Information provided by Experian & the text is set forth in full at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Website at www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore.
A. Users Must Have a Permissible Purpose

Congress has limited the use of consumer reports to protect consumers’ privacy. All users must have a permissible purpose under the FCRA to obtain a consumer report. Section 604 contains a list of the permissible purposes under the law. These are:

  • As ordered by a court or a federal grand jury subpoena. Section 604(a)(1)
  • As instructed by the consumer in writing. Section 604(a)(2)
  • For the extension of credit as a result of an application from a consumer, or the review or collection of a consumer’s account.
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