How can I place an account for collection?
Established clients may use our website as the quickest and easiest way to submit a claim. If you prefer, you may complete a claim placement form and submit it along with your supporting documentation by email, fax, or mail.

Can I place an account for collection even if I don’t have a credit application from our customer?
Yes, you may. Please provide your invoice and/or statement copies along with any other documentation you may have to support your claim and submit it with a claim form.

Does NACM handle foreign collection accounts?
Yes, NACM collects internationally.

When should I turn an account over for collection?
Studies have shown that debtors are more likely to pay once a third party gets involved. After three months, the probability of collecting a delinquent account drops to 69.6%, after 6 months 52.1% and after one year 22.8%. It’s in your company’s best interest to send your accounts to collections sooner, rather than later.

My account is over a year old. Is it too old to collect?
No, the statute of limitations ranges from 3 to 10 years depending on the state the debtor resides in. We ask you to send supporting documentation for review.

Does NACM report debtors to the credit bureaus?
NACM reports all commercial debts to the NACM and Experian Business databases. We do not report consumer debts to any credit bureau.

Why should I use a collection agency?
Every company wants more time to spend focusing on their good paying customers. A collection agency can help you with the delinquent ones. We make every attempt to deal with your customer in such a way that, in addition to collecting the past due balance, you and your customer may feel comfortable continuing your sales relationship.
Why should I use NACM Commercial Services as my collection agency?
NACM Commercial Services is a member owned association with strong ties to the business community that we serve. We provide specialized collection of all past due accounts, commercial and consumer, local, national, and international. Our staff has extensive experience in many industries, enabling us to adapt to a diverse client base.