Our account monitoring service is the game-changer across your entire portfolio.

Your portfolio is only as strong as your last status check. With account monitoring, you can score your entire portfolio, rank accounts by risk, prioritize collections and identify businesses that warrant additional attention.

Additionally, we can help small businesses manage your credit risks effectively by closely monitoring the financial health of your business customers. Our advanced data mining capabilities use the industry’s most sophisticated algorithms to continually measure the financial stability of millions of American businesses across the country. Manage your credit portfolio confidently, knowing we’re backed by professional subject matter experts who are responsible, knowledgeable and available whenever you need them.

Receive notifications on up to 99 different events including:

  • Late Payments (30, 60, 90 day delinquency)
  • Bankruptcy alerts
  • Lien, Judgment, & Collection filings
  • Score change alerts
  • Total balance changes
  • Credit utilization changes
  • Small Business Credit Share consortium based alerts for small business portfolios