"NACM Northwest's wonderful support team makes the decision to re-new membership a "no-brainer"!"

Roxann Todaro
O'Shea Lumber Co.

"As a member of several NACM Affiliates, I can honestly say that our involvement with NACM Northwest and its Industry Trade Groups is the key component of the success of my company's credit organization. The networking and mentoring amongst the membership is first-rate and the team at NACM Northwest is dedicated, knowledgeable, helpful, and fun to work with. Thanks NACM Northwest!"

Marty Dennison, Credit Manager
Alaskan Copper

“Attending the NACM trade group provides invaluable information and insight into the payment history and trends of our customers in common. Equally valuable are the relationships and friendships built with other credit professionals in my industry.”

Ray Patton, Credit Supervisor
WCP Solutions

“NACM Northwest brings a value to all those in the credit world. In joining, one is offered & encouraged to participate in classes either on the web, at their offices, or via conferences. Their staff is knowledgeable & polite. NACM representatives will make office visits allowing your concerns to be answered on an individual basis. The reports contain a wealth of information and have been extremely helpful. I'd easily state, I don't want to be without NACM while combating the elements of the credit world.”

Rich Nicola
Merchants Paper Co.

“To anyone considering joining an industry group: The value of membership in an industry group is considerable. Trade credit data sharing, peer-to-peer networking, best practices discussions, policy and procedure bench-marking, and key customer knowledge enhancement opportunities are just a few of many benefits waiting to be realized. And specifically in regard to NACM Northwest, not only will you be joining a peer group with years of combined, practical, experience to benefit from, but from NACM Northwest itself, you’ll also receive service and support from a group of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable, and highly service-oriented staff. Join us today.”

Garrett Blakley, Corporate Credit Manager
LP Building Products

“I had no prior credit experience when I became a credit manager of Bloch Steel Industries. With the support of NACM Northwest through the classes they offer and their continuing education, industry groups, and collections, I have benefited from these assets and enjoyed a successful career for over 30 years.”

Ron Johnston
Bloch Steel Industries

“NACM has been an integral part of my entire credit career at Graybar Electric Co., dating back to 1979. The core services offered by NACM, credit reports, education, collections and industry groups have all been inestimably valuable. NACM essentially is a group of business credit professional “peers” who are readily available to provide across-the-board support. The combination of education, support, and peer input about mutual customers, has given me the confidence I have needed to make prudent business decisions which have resulted in additional profits for my company and, of course, fewer bad debt losses. I am convinced that any business that extends credit to customers absolutely should be a part of NACM.”

Rick Weisman, CCE, Financial Manager
Graybar Electric Co.

"I have been a member with NACM since 2001. The staff and NACM are very helpful and I have always enjoyed working them through the years. There are many great benefits with NACM, from continuing education, classes within our field, webinars, and speakers this is just to name a few. I value my relationship and all they do for me since I have been a member."

Jennifer Hamilton, Credit Manager

"NACM Northwest has proven to be a vital partner in today’s business environment. Membership in the specialized industry groups provides invaluable networking and credit information exchange all within a controlled setting while the vast educational offerings help to broaden your personal horizons."

Eve Sahnow, CBF, OREPAC
Corporate Credit Manager

“My Company, Swanson Group, has been a member of NACM for many years and specifically in the National Forest Products Group for the last few. I find this to be a tremendous credit resource. The Group provides up-to-date and relevant trade data as well as educational information significant to keeping current on the latest credit laws and other pertinent information. I highly recommend membership to credit professionals and timber industry companies.”

Kathy Lindsay

"I have been a part of NACM industry groups for 10+ years. The connections I have made with other credit professionals has been invaluable to me, both for decisions in the extension of credit and for process and policy input. The price of the monthly group fee is easily offset against the free credit reports I get each month. To me, this involvement is definitely a win-win for everyone."

Laurie Shepherd, Credit Manager
Carson Oil

To my peers (and friends), Just want to say that having one personal submission a month is a great help. Since we rectify our aging each month (which is assumed most companies do) having that aging list already compiled at month end is easy to send for the Data Contribution plan. Then the only time taken for the month on our (very appreciated) shared monthly aging reports is submitting the names of those I’d like personal information regarding, and considering how many we share, many are already in the system! If you have doubts that you are somehow compromising the confidentiality of your customers or the liquidity of your company, just remember that sending the data also includes your GOOD accounts  Just wanted to put in this plug, since like you, without the 10 arms and 48 hour days it would otherwise take to accomplish all the needs with breathing room, every little bit of extra time (and information) that we can get automated is valuable. Go Data submission!

Kathleen Neary, CBA, AR, Credit Manager
American Rock Products