Dave Newman, CCE, Chair
Area Credit Manager, Roofline Supply & Delivery

Mark Balstad, Chair-Elect
Area Credit Manager, Crop Production Services, Inc.

Tawnya Marsh, CCE, Vice Chair
Credit & A/R Supervisor, Columbia River Knife & Tool

Pam Wagner, CCE, Secretary-Treasurer
Regional Credit Manager, Cascade Windows

Jeff Caviness, CBA, Immediate Past Chair
NW Credit Manager, CPM Development

Don Frigaard, Director
VP of Mortgage Lending, HAPO Community Credit Union

Chris Gunning, Director
Vice President, Commercial Banker, INB

Amy Higgins – Director
Credit Manager, ZAK Designs, Inc.

Isaac Miller, Director
Branch Credit Manager, Food Services of America

Eve Sahnow, CCE, Director
Corporate Credit Manager, Orepac Building Products

Scott Smithhisler, Director
Vice President, Global Trade Consultant, US Bank Global Trade Services Division

Mark Teeter, CCE/CICP, Director
Corporate Credit Manager, ESCO Corporation

Jennifer Walsh, CCE
Chief Executive Officer, NACM Commercial Services

Rod Wheeland, CCE, CAE
Senior Advisor, NACM Commercial Services