What is a CFDD chapter?

A Credit & Financial Development Division (CFDD) chapter is a group of credit professionals seeking to learn, network, and share experiences with colleagues. CFDD members also are members of NACM.

CFDD’s Objectives

  • Promote the interests of credit professionals.
  • Foster credit management as a career.
  • Encourage education in credit work.
  • Discuss problems affecting credit and allied subjects.
  • Build confidence in business relations.
  • Cooperate and fraternize with other credit professionals.
  • Work with civic and national bodies.
  • Make genuine friends among those in credit work.

CFDD’s Purpose

CFDD aims to encourage participation in the NACM and its Affiliates. CFDD encourages professional development and continued education for chapter members. CFDD has enabled many members to achieve distinction and earn high executive positions in their companies. Membership in CFDD is loaded with benefits and opportunities, and provides broadening influences inherent in a national business association.


If your company is a member of the NACM and you are working in credit, you are eligible to join a CFDD chapter.

Opportunities for Credit Education

Credit is a career that offers many opportunities. To help credit professionals meet the challenges, CFDD offers educational programs, conferences, and scholarships.

Meetings and Conferences

Local meetings, conferences, and the Credit Congress provide members the opportunity to participate in educational offerings and meet with leaders of the business community.

Valuable Personal Contacts

CFDD promotes the development of personal contacts with other credit professionals. This network may be beneficial, allowing for exchange of information to help you make profitable credit decisions.

Join CFDD and boost your career!