I’m not sure where to start. Where do I get the information I need?
We offer Certification Roadmap Introduction classes several times a year (January, March, and September). This complimentary session will guide you through the process of:

  • registering with NACM National;
  • deciding which classes best suit your needs and schedule; and,
  • earning roadmap points.

Do I need a college degree in order to start working towards designation?
No. Work experience will be taken into consideration when determining certification requirements. You will need an updated resume when you are ready to register. If you have completed college classes, request official transcripts to send to NACM National with your registration.

Are scholarships available for certification classes?
Yes! NACM Commercial Services Foundation and NACM National provide scholarships to help offset the cost of books and tuition fees. You also should check with your employer regarding tuition reimbursement for job-related classes.

What are my options for participating in classes?
NACM offers several ways to meet class requirements: