Experian business credit reports contain up-to-date, factual ledger information supplied by creditors. These reports are useful when you are investigating a new account, noticing a definite change in a customer’s payment habits, receiving an unusually large order, or receiving a number of inquiries on a customer.

Experian BusinessIQ (BizIQ)

BizIQ allows a faster search and more efficient review. Creditors contributing customer experience may also filter high-risk customers for priority review, assign tasks to other users, and attach notes to a customer. A/R data may be stored in BizIQ and used to create a complete snapshot of the customer once a report is pulled.

Reports & Products

Premier Profile (PPR)

This product offers a quick glimpse design to visually direct your focus to key information. The dashboard highlights possible indicators of risk, reducing delinquency and potential bad debt. Enhancements include Fraud & Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Screening and a credit limit recommendation.

Business Profile Report with Intelliscore

The Business Profile report presents a current, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations. It provides trade payment information; public record information; company background; trends; collection items and more.

Business Owner Profile (BOP)

This consumer credit report may be used in conjunction with the BPR when you are relying on the principal’s creditworthiness to extend credit. This report can be ordered by itself or in combo with any other Experian report.


This one-page scoring report includes a risk score, trade payment and public record summary data, and company background information. The use of credit scoring and the Intelliscore may significantly reduce subjectivity by using consistent criteria to make credit decisions.