Nov 19, 2020

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If you are an engineer or credit manager, you might answer that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.  The sales leader would add that while you were debating whether it was half empty or half full, they sold it.

The outlook for the economy is arguably mixed right now, and factually there is an argument for both the glass half full and glass half empty crowds.  In fact, when we study forecasts for the economy, we get three dominant scenarios that couldn’t be further apart.

The most optimistic of scenarios assumes that localized lockdowns work against the pandemic and a smaller section of the economy is impacted. Some success with early vaccine distribution is accomplished early in Q1 and some broader-based travel starts to open.… Read the rest

Nov 18, 2020

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It’s near December already! While most of us are wishing away 2020 as a year we want to forget (but can’t!), Credit professionals should be looking to clean up your company’s accounts receivable in preparation for year-end. This would include identifying accounts not paying timely, contacts who are not responding, and receivables growing more delinquent by the month. NACM is your partner in debt recovery and this is one of our busiest times of the year assisting member companies in collection efforts prior to year-end. I would encourage you to send NACMCS accounts you are struggling with rather than just writing them off. Or, perhaps you intend to write them off assessing your time is more valuable than the dollars owed.… Read the rest

Nov 18, 2020

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Is Your Accounts Receivable Process Slowing You Down?

In today’s digital economy, a company’s survival hinges on its potential to manage working capital and cash flow while ensuring customer satisfaction along the way. Mid-sized businesses heavily depend on cash for their day-to-day business operations and growth. In times of uncertain economic swings, optimized cash management could make all the difference between simply surviving versus having the edge over your competitors.

Accounts Receivables ( A/R ) is critical to cash flow and a clear indicator of the business’s financial health. Most mid-sized businesses are familiar with the traditional manual, paper-based A/R processes that more often than not, end up hurting the company’s cash conversion cycle. As a result, businesses are inevitably moving towards automating their accounts receivable processes and upgrading their payment landscape by introducing digital payments.… Read the rest

Nov 20, 2020

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Congratulations to our newest designation recipients from the last few exams. Are you interested in education and getting a designation? Check out this guide on the certification program. If you have any questions contact Shawna Kelly.

Certified Business Associate (CBA)
Adeline Flowers, CBA – Wagner Equipment Co
Dan Clarke – Pure Storage Inc
Lainie McElroy, CBA – Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC

Certified Business Fellow (CBF)
Autodesk Inc – Eleanor Hartman, CBF… Read the rest

Sep 17, 2020

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Emily Crowder – Account Executive
Spokane, WA

Hi, I’m Emily and I am an Account Executive here at NACM Commercial Services. I started at NACM’s Spokane office in 2015 as a Customer Service Representative and joined our Business Development Team in 2018. NACM has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge by attending education classes, webinars, and conferences. I enjoy being a resource, providing support, and improving the success of our members. I’ve also been honored to meet so many wonderful people in a variety of industries. The NACM community is outstanding and I am honored to be part of it!

Typically, my free time is spent with my family, on Coeur d’Alene Lake, or cozy at home watching a movie.… Read the rest

Sep 16, 2020

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By: Bill G. Fig; Partner, Sussman Shank, Construction Group Chair

A general contractor or owner will often request (or demand) that you sign a lien waiver or release (hereinafter “lien waiver”) as part of a payment request for work you performed on and/or materials or equipment you supplied to a project.  While lien waivers are “normal” in the construction industry, it is very important to pay close attention to the language of a lien waiver. For the reasons set forth below, you should carefully read a lien waiver before you sign it. Moreover, prior to signing a contract for a project, you should also carefully review any form of a lien waiver submitted as an exhibit or attachment to the contract.… Read the rest