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  • Membership in NACM National and the monthly Business Credit magazine, providing information resources for business credit and A/R management
  • Access to NACM Commercial Services website, including the Forum, ask-the-expert, and other resources
  • Complimentary NACM Trade Credit Reports (Based on Region)
  • Complimentary pre-collect letter services

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Ask the Expert

This allows you to ask an expert a question. For example:

Q. When a company is “inactive” with the Secretary of State Office, what does that mean for the creditor that is still selling them? If the debtor doesn’t…..?
A. A company can still technically operate even if inactive. Likewise, you can sue and collect from an inactive company. From the customer’s standpoint, it raises questions as to whether or not the principals …

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Industry Groups

An industry group provides peer knowledge, education and training, and networking. Credit professionals from the same industry meet periodically to exchange information, including customer payment history, industry trends, and for professional education. These are fundamental to evaluating credit risk and business success.

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Whether you are earning your certification, taking classes to enhance your job skills, or learning something new, NACM prides itself on offering the best education program in the country for credit and collection professionals.
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Data Contribution

Firms of all sizes and industries share their customers’ credit experience. These experiences are merged to create the individual customer’s credit report. These tradelines add to the overall picture of a firm’s financial health, impact the company’s credit score, and allow report users to make better-informed credit decisions.
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