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This service is available to nonmembers of the National Association of Credit Management. It allows a business to obtain trade credit experience from NACM Commercial Services members who contribute their accounts receivable information. This saves both parties processing time while allowing the value of traditional trade reference sharing in an automated fashion.

You were likely referred to this website by a member company of NACM Commercial Services. When you contacted them for a credit reference.

NACM Commercial Services. is an association of companies who extend credit to other businesses. Some of our members make their trade experience available to other companies through our website.

You may get an online credit reference immediately from a number of NACM Commercial Services members. Companies looking for credit references who abuse the purpose of this site may be blocked at the discretion of the member company.

We welcome you to browse our website and would be happy to provide you with any information about membership and answer any questions you may have. Please contact Shawna Axness: or call 971.230.1202

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