Sep 8, 2016

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Understanding Your Business Credit Scoreexperian

Did you know that, just as you have a personal credit score, your business has a credit score—and that maintaining a good credit score is as crucial to your business as your personal credit score is to you?

Like personal credit scoring, business credit scores provide a quick view of risk potential based on where the score falls on the scale. The higher the score, the lower the risk. Unlike personal credit scoring, business credit scores use a scale that ranges from 0 to 100.

A business credit report is used to present a current, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations. Information in business credit reports provided by Experian® is either from a third-party source or is third-party verified.… Read the rest

Sep 8, 2016

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Congratulations to our newest designation holders. These individuals have worked hard to achieve their designations. They have been attending classes, studying, and taking tests. If you would like more information on our educational opportunities please contact Shawna Kelly (Portland) or Jackie Popham (Spokane).


Bill HeintzBill Heintz, CCE

Bill is a credit manager with a focus on trade and construction credit for the past ten years. His most notable achievement in the credit field has been obtaining his CCE. Outside of work, he can be found hauling his little girl around the outdoors at every opportunity or spending time with his wife.




jody-johnson-photoJody Johnson, CBA

Jody has worked at Star Rentals & Sales in Pasco WA for five years.… Read the rest

Jul 26, 2016

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The identification of risk in selling certain customers is fundamental to credit management. The type of business organization defines and structures the liabilities attached to such a legal form. And this organization may have more or less risk to the creditor, depending on the entity type.

In the beginning . . .
When starting a business, the owner picks an entity type of legal organization and a name. This organization will determine liability for the obligations of the entity. For example, as a sole proprietor, the owner is personally liable for debts of the business. This form benefits the smaller business, making it easier and less complicated to carry on business. At the same time, it carries more risk to the owner than certain other forms and provides access to personal assets – non-business assets – to creditors.… Read the rest

Jul 12, 2016

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Imposter scams come in many varieties, but work the same way: a scammer pretends to be someone you trust to convince you to send them money. Learn how to spot an imposter scam. The Federal Trade Commission has great information on scams, how to spot them, and what to do if you have been targeted. For more information on scams and other information visit the FTC website.

trust to convince you to send them money. Learn how to spot an imposter scam.

IRS Imposter Scams

Tech Support Scams

Grandkid Scams


Online Dating Scams

Read the rest

Jul 19, 2016

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UTA has been the NACM’s exclusive payment processing partner for over 20 years. The UTA NACM Members Benefit Package provides a wide variety of standard and customized electronic payment solutions which will save you time, money, and manpower.

From credit card processing to Automated Cash Application with Invoice Matching, our products are designed to deliver value and peace of mind through the industry’s most innovative and secure payment processing vehicles.

NACM Members, from the largest Fortune 100 Companies to small businesses, are benefiting from UTA’s innovative electronic payment processing and risk management solutions. Please complete the contact form to receive your NACM Members Benefit Package specific to your industry.Read the rest