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May 21, 2020

NACM Commercial Services bids farewell to Joshan Collins on May 8, 2020. By her own admission, Joshan is a NACM “lifer!” Over the course of her career, Joshan has logged 40+ years working with four different NACM Affiliates! Joshan spent the majority of her career with San Diego Credit Association (NACM San Diego). She joined the San Diego staff in 1990, and by 2001, she was elected by the Board of Directors to Vice President. Her leadership and experience, always exceptional, was vital in bringing San Diego/Colorado/New Mexico and NACM Commercial Services together in 2019.

Joshan is a true servant-leader and has forged enduring and meaningful relationships with many association members. During her tenure, Joshan has been invaluable in facilitating educational opportunities by way of the CAP and ACAP programs, successfully resulting in countless CBA, CBF and CCE professional designations for deserving members. Joshan is an avid member and supporter of CFDD and a trusted resource on virtually all credit management topics. Never shy to take on complicated challenges, Joshan is a keen problem-solver and creative thinker.

Quick to pivot from the word “retirement,” Joshan is setting her sights on devoting more time, love and attention to her beautiful family. Forever a friend, Joshan, we wish you the very best!

7 Responses to “Hale and Farewell, Joshan Collins!”

  1. Elizabeth A. Casillas

    What a classy article for a classy lady! I will miss seeing you daily but know that we will stay in touch. I wish you health, happiness and lot’s of love. See you soon!

  2. Barbara Herrera (Bobbie)

    I have known Joshan since 1993, when I joined NACM. She set me up to be able to access credit reports for several companies, as I was a Regional Credit Manager at the time. She has been a mentor and a good friend.
    Stay in touch.

  3. Angela Daley

    We’ll miss you Joshan and know that as a “lifer” our paths will cross again. You are a wonderful inspiration to our organization and we look forward to carrying on your superior example of service and professionalism. Take care!

  4. Sonya Nichols

    Joshan will certainly be missed by our groups here in New Mexico. She worked very hard for each of us, to keep the membership going, to encourage continuing education for our members and providing the tools we each needed to succeed in our various credit rolls. I’ll miss my association with Joshan, which has spanned more than 20 years.
    Best of everything to you!

  5. Yvonne Vigil

    I wish you happiness in your new adventure. Joshan you will be missed.

  6. Cynthia Wieme

    Thank you for all of your contributions to the NACM members. Best wishes for many wonderful moments in the years ahead! We will certainly miss you, your passion for success & support… though we also know you have also left your “imprint” on all the NACM team members you have trained, mentored, & supported over the years. Thus, you have left us in good hands. Consummate professional!

  7. Nancy

    It was nice working with you over the years, especially in education. I am sure you will be missed.
    Enjoy time with your family


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