Nuts & Bolts: Effective Management of Claims, Disputes, and Deductions
07/22/2021 9:00 AM PT - 10:00:00 AM PT

This session reviews the impact of claims, disputes and deductions on the unsecured creditor and its accounts receivable; the types and sources of claims, including marketing claims, Seller errors, and compliance violations; contract terms and conditions, routing and vendor guides; methods of timely handling and resolving individual claims; interdepartmental cooperation; allowances and write-offs of deductions; invalid deductions and collection methods, including meeting with the Customer; root-cause analysis for identifying and preventing specific types of claims; post-audit claims; performance indicators for management of customer deductions.

Instructor Rod Wheeland, CCE
Rod Wheeland served as the senior executive of NACM Commercial Services and predecessor companies for twenty-three years. He has worked in and around trade credit for four decades, and before coming to NACM in 1995, he was Corporate Credit Manager for Pendleton. Rod served for seven years on the NACM Commercial Services Board of Directors, which he chaired in 1991-92. He chaired the National Presidents Credit Council (Riemer), an association of present and past presidents of eighty national industry credit groups, and he’s a past chairman of the NACM Affiliate Secretarial Council, which represents NACM Affiliates on the NACM National Board of Directors. Rod has a master’s degree from York University in Toronto, a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University in Spokane, and achieved CCE certification in 1991 and the CAE in 2007.

Event Sponsor:  NACM Commercial Services

Course Level:  I - Intermediate

CEU: 0.100
CCE: 0.100


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