Annual Membership Meeting
04/23/2021 9:00 AM PT - 10:30:00 AM PT

Join us for the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting and Educational Session:

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN CRISIS: 4 Secrets to Turning Uncertainty & Change into Living a L-I-F-E Full of Prosperity
Why do you think some people get pumped up for an unexpected adventure while other people see obstacles as a stop sign and they become almost mentally paralyzed?
Every movie and character we love, from Woody in Toy Story, to Diana in Wonder Woman, to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to James Bond in all the Bond movies, to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, to Clarice in Silence of the Lambs become heroes when an ordinary day takes them through unexpected and unimaginable obstacles – and these calls to adventure are what unlocks magic inside of us and keeps us engaged.
This is what the great Philosopher Joseph Campbell called, “a Hero’s Journey.” And whether or not you signed up for the current challenge you are in or you’re about to be in, YOU are the hero of your own story.
Now for the awesome news, everyone loves the hero! Right?!
As you crawl, walk, or sprint across the 2020 finish line and enter into 2021, you are invited to explore 4 simple secrets to having a L-I-F-E full of prosperity:
• Look for & uncover hidden opportunities while on your “Hero’s Journey”

• Ignite abundance and become a success magnet with a simple drawing

• Focus on this resilience blueprint from an unexpected scene in “The Walking Dead”

• Engage a “reset” and immediately give your happiness and fulfillment a boost

During this fun, interactive, and fast-paced online, via zoom, keynote called, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN CRISIS: 4 Secrets to Turning Uncertainty & Change into Living a L-I-F-E Full of Prosperity, CEO of the Body Language Institute and New York Times Best-Selling author of YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK Janine Driver will share her 4 powerful communications tools that can help you build up your “uncertainty capability” while you are on your “Hero’s Journey.”

Instructor Janine Driver
JANINE DRIVER New York Times Best-Selling Author and Body Language Contributor for NBC’s Today Show
JANINE DRIVER is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute.
For over a decade while at the ATF, Janine trained thousands of law enforcement officers to decipher fact from fiction using the body language interpretation methods she writes about in her books YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME and the New York Times Best-Seller, YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK.
Before the Covid 19 pandemic, Janine traveled the globe speaking to the corporate world about the fastest way to save time and grow business.
During the Covid 19 pandemic, Janine educated millions through her virtual workshops, meetings and events on how to build rapport, read body language and increase sales
virtually during this crisis. She also extended her expertise to teach others how to read a person who is wearing a mask and how reading non-verbal cues has become more
important than ever.

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