The New Normal: Five Patterns that Will Change and Five that Might
09/16/2020 8:30 AM PT - 9:30:00 AM PT

The five areas that will see significant change in the coming year will be
1) global supply chain,
2) employment patterns,
3) use of technology for work and at home,
4) role and reach of government and
5) status of globalization.

The five that might would include
1) consumer behavior,
2) state of capital and lending markets,
3) role of education and training,
4) political direction and orientation and
5) role of the medical community.

This webinar looks at all ten and outlines what these changes will mean to the economy in general and credit managers specifically.

Instructor Dr. Christopher Kuehl (PhD
Dr. Christopher Kuehl (PhD) is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and one of the co-founders of the company. He has been Armada's economic analyst and has worked with a wide variety of private clients and professional associations in the last 18 years. He is the Chief Economist for the National Association for Credit Management. He prepares NACM's monthly Credit Managers Index. He is also the Economic Analyst for the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and writes their bi-weekly publication, Fabrinomics, which details the impact of economic trends on manufacturers.
Chris is the chief editor for the Business Intelligence Brief, distributed all over the world by business organizations and one of the primary writers for the Black Owl Report. He also makes approximately 100 presentations each year to business and industry associations in the US and overseas.
Chris has a doctorate in Political Economics and advanced degrees in Soviet Studies and Asian Studies and was a professor of international economics and finance for over 15 years prior to starting Armada.

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