The Credit and Sales Partnership: Credit and Sales Partners in Profit
03/10/2020 8:30 AM PT - 9:30:00 AM PT

Credit and Sales are two sides of a precious currency. One cannot exist without the other. For a company to thrive, Credit and Sales have to cooperate and collaborate in order to maximize sales, minimize bad debt, increase profit, and expedite cashflow.

Please join NACM Commercial Services and Eddy Sumar to explore and gain insight into how Credit and Sales can become partners working harmoniously together.

The webinar will answer the following questions:
• Can credit and sales really become partners? Why? How?
• What is the state of credit today?
• How significant is credit for the economy and for the company?
• Why does conflict exist and persist between credit and sales?
• How can we resolve the conflict?
• How vital is perception?
• What is the integrative approach? How can we use it to change the perception of credit?
• And much more…

Instructor Eddy Sumar
Eddy A. Sumar, MBA, CCE, CICE, and CEW, is the Founder of ER$ Consulting Services in Rancho Cucamonga, California; a member of the CIE-DEC 2020-2021 District Export Council.
An Award-winning International Trade Financing Consultant; a Consultant for the Center for International Trade Development (CITD); a member of the Guidepoint Global Advisors, and an Associate of Quote 2 Cash (Q2C). Mr. Sumar has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) from Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, West Bank where he enjoyed a Fulbright scholarship and graduated as Valedictorian. He also obtained his MBA with distinction from Leicester University, Leicester, UK. Mr. Sumar has 30+ years of experience in the credit and collection field. As International Trade Financing Manager with Rain Bird International, Inc., Mr. Sumar championed the exploration and institution of worldwide trade financing programs and ran the international trade financing efforts in the Americas and the Asia Pacific Regions.
He is an Alumnus of GSCFM and received the NACM/Robert Half Student of the Year Award in 2000, the Best Article Award in 2003, and the CCE Designation of Excellence Award in 2004. He is the recipient of the CMA 2006 Credit Executive of the Year Award, the CCR Credit Excellence Awards 2011 in International Credit Management, and CMA Instructor of the Year Award 2012.

Mr. Sumar is a public speaker and enjoys writing and traveling. Mr. Sumar has travelled to 131 countries and counting. He is the author of 'From the Cutting Board to the Cutting Edge: Re-inventing Credit in the 21st Century,' published by NACM; A Treasure Hunt with Otis—Acquiring the Wisdom Needed to Navigate the Journey of Life, published by Xlibris 2008, The Hidden Dreams—Prospecting for the Precious Resource of Untapped Youthful Energy, published by Xlibris, 2010, A Financial Odyssey—The Quest for Financial Freedom, published by ERS Consulting Services, 2010, The Adventures of the Nine Netzers—Finding Fortunata in the Land of Discordia, published by ERS Consulting Services, 2012, and A Customer Service Adventure—Adventure into the Maze of Customer Delight, published by ERS Consulting Services 2012. Mr. Sumar has brought credit education to high schools through ERS’ Credit Boot Camp, an outreach program for youth development.

Event Sponsor:  NACM Commercial Services

Course Level:  I - Intermediate

CEU: 0.100
CCE: 0.100


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