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Mar 19, 2020


With the ups and downs of the economy, we never know what may be coming next. Data Contribution allows NACM members to work together to manage risk.

When companies report, whether times are good or bad, it helps everyone make better credit decisions. We invite you to begin sharing your firm’s credit experience now so you are prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Meet “Best in Class” Corporate Standards

A lack of information interferes with the ability of a business to make a sound, accurate, and equitable credit decision. Sharing of credit data is an important part of being an active member of the credit community. If every business around the world reported data, commerce would grow. Great companies are growth leaders.

Support the NACM Credit Community

NACM is the go-to source for information; more than 15,000 businesses nationwide rely on NACM for credit information. By contributing your data, you’re supporting the entire NACM commercial credit community!

Share Credit Where Credit is Due!

-Reward your prompt-paying customers
-Warn other creditors about slow pays
-It’s easy, free, and legal
-NACM can accept data in most file formats
-Data can be transmitted via email, FTP, or through a secure upload to our website

Contact Shannon Abnal,, for more information on Data Contribution.

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