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Mar 18, 2020

By Brett Hanft, CBA, American Int’l Forest Prod LLC, CFDD National Chairman

The Credit and Financial Development Division (CFDD) is an organization dedicated to providing its membership with a focus on continuing education, networking, and leadership growth for credit and finance professionals.

As a member of the CFDD Portland Chapter for 31 years, I can attest to the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced and achieved as a direct result of my active participation and involvement in CFDD. From humble beginnings where I began attending meetings to meet and network with other credit ‘peers,’ I quickly realized the value of how my engagement and involvement in this professional group would help me gain valuable knowledge, education, and insight into the world of credit and finance.

Through attendance at credit specific educational seminars, classes, and conferences, and committee involvement, my confidence level grew with my leadership skills. As the years progressed, I developed the confidence to provide service on the CFDD Portland Chapter Board of Directors and, eventually, service on the CFDD National Board of Directors. I’m so proud to be serving this year as the CFDD National Chairman.

CFDD is a much more close-knit, intimate group because of the consistency with which we hold our chapter meetings. We see our active members monthly. That consistency and familiarity lend itself to building a strong network within the credit profession.

It’s been extremely rewarding to see other credit peers achieve professional designations, job promotions, and new levels of confidence, allowing them to step out of their comfort zone to give back to CFDD. I was extremely humbled the first time someone acknowledged me as being one of their mentors through their credit career and professional development. That’s part of why our network is so invaluable. You make a difference in your own life as well as those you see and work with around you.

A dear friend and mentor keeps telling me to ‘ABL’ – always be learning. Give back, Pay it Forward… if you carry those thoughts with you as you navigate through your personal and professional development, you will find an amazingly strong support system and network of peers to help you take every step of your journey. CFDD’s mission is to provide continuing education, networking, and leadership development. Those are the key reasons at the heart of ‘why I CFDD’… you should too!

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May 14, 2020 – Installation of officers with update by NACM
June 11, 2020 – Tentatively – Anti-Trust with Jack Cooper

Contact Ashlee Minty, CBA 503.504.8506 or for details on attending.

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