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Sep 16, 2021

Certification is a great way to learn about credit extension and show your strength within the credit profession.  It is no different than Accountants or others who have earned certification in their field by demonstrating their knowledge and capabilities.
Mike Thelen, CCE
Director, Enterprise Customer Financial Services
Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Obtaining a designation provides confidence and understanding in business decisions and finances and provides a solid infrastructure for continued growth professionally.
Sheryl A. Rasmusson, CCE
Vice President Business Operations
Kilgore Tec Products	

A breadth of knowledge is included in the classes that may be new to you or might provide the edge that can take your department from a merely functioning department to a leading credit department.
Eleanor Hartman, CCE
Senior Credit Team Lead
CFS – Corporate Finance

Whether taking courses online or in-person, share and network. Join a study group with others and bounce ideas off each other or ask for a Mentor. Those who have already obtained their designations can help walk you through the journey that is right for you.
Alaina Worden, CCE  
Credit & Collections Manager
Carson Oil

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