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Oct 23, 2018

I recently read a LinkedIn article by Paul Hillen of The Revier Brand Group LLC (Formerly with Proctor & Gamble and Cargill) and Paul Batz, CEO/Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises who has co-written a book by the name, “How Goodness Pays”. I haven’t gotten my hands on the book yet, but I sure plan to. The three main points in the article struck me how I could easily relate them back to our NACM network.

Goodness Means Transparency –

Before the day when everyone had a camera and cell phone in hand, the intent and acknowledgment of goodness was earned by working with one customer at a time through hard work, determination, and pure honesty. NACM earned its reputation for goodness (dating back to 1896) by continually sticking to its core values and superior service qualities for the credit professional. Social media and online postings can often provide more disruptions in the current day to decipher transparency and goodness. However, NACM does not waver from its purpose and continues to be the trusted and dependable source its reputation earned so many years ago. I’m proud of NACM for not wavering from its grounded values.

Goodness Grows –

In corporate leadership the act of goodness blossoms from strategic listening skills enabling one to gain acknowledgment, develop respect and create positivity in strategic initiatives. It’s the ole’ saying, “Strength in Numbers” that has proven the most valuable to NACM and its members. Who better to learn from than other seasoned and trusted credit professionals? People want to be associated with a trusted organization who continually provides resources and timely technology options to bring the most value back to their company. The NACM network is strong, valuable, and continually listening to its membership.

Goodness Pays –

Goodness pays in a culture of encouragement and teamwork. NACM holds true to its “by the members/for the members” approach to providing the best most reliable credit resources for member companies. Transparency improves trust in a chaotic world and you can rely on transparency at NACM Commercial Services. In my personal experiences, goodness is strongly linked with building a deep level of trust, something you can count on at NACM! We will continue to be that trusted resource and we thank you, our membership, for your intense loyalty and participation in NACM’s business credit network.


Jennifer Walsh, CCE

President & CEO

NACM Commercial Services






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