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Jan 21, 2021

Don’t be confused or misguided by companies who may appear to be NACM, although are NOT! There is a small company that is targeting NACM members, guiding to a link that leads back to an organization that is not associated with NACM.

The company, NCMA USA / NATIONAL CREDIT MANAGERS ASSOCIATION is not associated with your NACM Commercial Services membership or the services you receive by NACM. Unfortunately, there are pretenders attempting to trade upon the name, success and reputation built by your NACM over a 125 year period. They are attempting to trick you.

Respectfully, we remind all our NACM Commercial Services members to slow down and look carefully at emails soliciting your collection business.
Ensure that the email is originating from NACM Commercial Services and be careful of the order of those “NACM” letters. These pretenders are banking on your haste . . . and we know that haste makes . . . waste.

So, is it: Youtube or Utube? Netflix or Netflicks? Lyft or Lift?

Know who you are doing business with. If you need assistance unwinding any mistakes, please reach out to our NACM staff. We are here to help.
Most importantly, we thank you for your NACM membership, trust, and loyalty.

Jennifer L. Walsh, CCE
NACM Commercial Services

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