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May 26, 2022

You are the best advocate for your credit department’s success. If you’re not thinking about tools to help you automate credit approval and collection functions, you’re falling behind the average credit professional’s goals in 2022. We know the average departments aren’t adding to staff to perform additional work. Why wouldn’t you take a look at automation features to help you manage your organization’s portfolio of customers? NACM is an expert at showcasing the possibilities, whether your company wants a fully automated system or is just interested in baby-stepping into the world of automation to fulfill credit responsibilities. You’re missing out if you aren’t connecting with NACM for a demo of easy automation features.

You are the best advocate for yourself. Have you become all too comfortable sitting behind your workstation or at-home computer? Have you forgotten how important it is to continuously develop relationships through one-on-one visits, which ultimately puts an ease on collecting receivables and really understanding your customers? In-person visits is not an old adage; it still really works and should not be overlooked as unnecessary. Have you fallen short on your own personal professional development and lagged at attending continuous credit education to sharpen your credit skills? Don’t forget… your credit department is only as good as you are at performing the requirements. NACM is your BFF at ensuring you’re as good as you can be in your job. There are multiple scholarship opportunities available to focus on your professional skill set. Did you know the average credit person earns up to 12% more compensation when they earn a designation in their profession? Visit our website for classes, webinars, and conference opportunities. Our Foundation supports everything if you need financial assistance to attend. We are here to support you as needed.

NACM CS is the best advocate for credit tools. Did you hear we opened a new feature called Careers in Credit this month to support member companies who are looking to add credit professionals or finance staff positions? For many companies’ society’s new way of flexible working schedules has opened doors to finding talent not in their own backyard. Companies have been able to expand their geographical reach for marketing job openings. Careers in Credit is a dynamic job posting and job search tool available on NACMCS’ website, The search for qualified candidates now has the capability of expanding across the country!

Jennifer L. Walsh, CCE
NACM Commercial Services

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