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Sep 26, 2017

By: Shannon Abnal, NACM Northwest

At an industry group meeting recently, I noticed as folks entered the meeting room, the members already present would call out each person’s name in greeting as they came in. “Dave!” or “Mary!” rang out as members trickled in. It reminded me of that old TV show, Cheers. Remember how everyone would call out “Norm!” when regular, Norm Peterson, came in the door?

In some ways, coming to a credit group is like heading to your favorite spot. It’s a safe, familiar place to go where everyone knows your name, they’re always glad you came, and your troubles (credit troubles at least!) are all the same. In our personal lives, we don’t always have someone that can relate to what being a credit manager really means. When was the last time at a PTO meeting or birthday party you said, “This debtor is 30-DBT, dragging down my DSO, and I’m getting NSF’s! I’m thinking ACH or EFT would help?” Good luck with that!

When you come to a group, it’s not only a chance to get vital, up-to-date credit facts that help your firm keep bad debt in check, but it’s also a time to be heard and understood. Networking is built and friendships are formed. It’s frankly pretty awesome. I’m honored to be a part of some very fine industry groups and to witness the service these groups are providing to NACM members. Trade references and credit reports are the core of an industry group, but having people understand you is the heart of an industry group.

Check out the 39 industry trade groups NACM Northwest hosts to see if there might be a good fit for your firm. We’d love to help you find a place to belong.

Industry Group Testimonials:

“NACM industry groups provide valuable networking opportunities with companies in the same industry that are experiencing the same issues. These groups provide educational discussions on best practices as well as information that allows each individual to make informed decisions on a daily basis. I know I have a group of people that I can reach out to at any time for any question I have regarding the credit function.”

Tawnya Marsh, CCE, CRKT

“Exchanging factual information with trade group members is invaluable. One credit problem avoided pays group and membership dues for years and years. Having a personal relationship with competitive credit managers will never be bested by electronic reports. Trade group meetings is a tremendous service that NACM NW provides.”

Rick Weisman, CCE, Graybar Electric Co., Inc

“Over thirty years ago, I was working as an outside salesman for Bloch Steel. On a Monday when I came to work the owner said to me, “You are now the credit manager.” Whew. I knew very little about what a credit manager does. Bloch Steel was a member of NACM and belongs to the metals group. Over the following couple of years and through the help of members of the credit group and NACM classes, I was able to get a handle on the job. I can only judge how I was doing by what Mr. Bloch said to me one day. “I’m sure glad we made you credit manager.” I know this would not have happened if it wasn’t for NACM.”

Ron Johnston, Bloch Steel

“I have been part of NACM Northwest for 10+ years, when I started back in 2006, I was a member of just one industry group. Over the years, I have gained more branches and thus have had a need to reach out to other groups to get more comprehensive coverage for all of my territories. I now currently belong to 3 industry trade groups and the coverage that I have in these 3 groups is invaluable. The experience and connections that I have made have helped aid me in many of my credit decisions. Being part of an industry group helps to give you information that you cannot get from just looking at credit reports. The connections I have made are valued, lifetime connections.”

Julie A., CBF, CCRA, Stoneway Electric Supply Company


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