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May 9, 2017

2016 was a big year for designations! It takes a lot of hard work and studying to get earn these accreditation. Congratulations to these 16 amazing individuals who earned a new designation last year! If you are interested in learning more about these designations and how you can earn yours please contact: Shawna Kelly: (Portland) and Sierra Smith: (Spokane).


03/14/2016 Douglas  Grimwood, CBA (Kellwood Company)

11/07/2016 Jody Johnson, CBA (Star Rentals)

11/07/2016 Jodi Martinez, CBA (AllStar Glass Co)

11/07/2016 Ashlee Lawrence Minty, CBA (Northwest Natural Gas Company)



03/14/2016  Terri R. Griffin, CBF (Helena Chemical Company)

11/07/2016  Beverly Ann McCluskey, CBF (JELD-WEN, Inc.)



03/14/2016 Debora D. Diamond-Burt, CCE, CICP (Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.)

03/14/2016 Kathleen A. Victoria, CCE (Kyocera International, Inc.)

03/14/2016 Charles Westemeyer, CCE (Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.)

06/25/2016 Tawnya Marsh, CCE (Columbia River Knife & Tool)

06/25/2016 Eve Sahnow, CCE (Orepac Building Products, Inc.)

07/25/2016 William J. Heintz, CCE (Bridgewell Resources, LLC)

11/07/2016 Sheryl Rasmusson, CCE (Kilgore TEC Products, Inc.)

11/07/2016 Tess Ricard, CCE (SCAFCO Corporation)

11/07/2016 Mark A. Teeter, CCE, CICP (ESCO Corporation)

11/07/2016 Pamela Wagner, CCE (Banner Retail Marketing Group, LLC)

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