Letters of Credit
03/11/2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM PT

Letters of credit (LCs) have been used for centuries by importers and exporters to facilitate international trade and to mitigate risk. LCs come in various forms; some are for international trade payments, and some are used as performance guarantees. Learning about different types of letters of credit can help you choose which one to use and understand what you’re working with.

In this session we will cover the following:
• Discuss order fulfillment process and commercial contracts
• What is a Letter of Credit (overview and benefits)?
• LC flow and mechanics
• The role different banks play in the letter of credit process
• Compare commercial vs standby LCs
• The rationale for letter of credit confirmations
• Explore and discuss LCs with extended payment terms, variations and potential benefits to buyers and sellers
• Discuss LC best practices and how to avoid discrepancies

Event Sponsor:  NACM Commercial Services

Course Level:  I - Intermediate

CEU: 0.150
CCE: 0.150


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